Resources for Inventors

Inventors can help make the environment cleaner, produce new drugs to save lives, create new, cleaner, renewable forms of energy, and invent new electronic and mechanical devices that make our lives easier. Technology Ventures welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the 'innovation through commercialization' process by facilitating a return on the investments the public, the University, and individual scientists and engineers have made in advancing knowledge.

The formal university-industry technology transfer process starts with a disclosure. Faculty, staff and students are asked to submit invention disclosures to Technology Ventures using the standard forms that are available in this section. Someone from our office will consult with you and then the Patent & Copyright Committee will review the disclosure and make a go/no go recommendation to the Chancellor. The cartoon below shows a schematic of the process.

The Inventor's Handbook

University researchers, through their creative efforts, may make discoveries which qualify to be patented or copyrighted. This handbook is intended to enable them to know at such times what to do, when to do it, where to obtain forms, and whom to ask for assistance.

UA Start-up Handbook
Inventor's Handbook
Board Policy 210.1 (PDF)
Board Policy 210.2 (PDF)

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