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Corporate and Foundation Relations

The office of corporate and foundation relations was established to support, coordinate, and integrate student advancement, research, and university outreach activities with industry and mission-based organizations. The corporate and foundation relations team works to simplify external access to resources at the University of Arkansas in order to maximize the impact of higher education with an approach that is mutually beneficial to both the contributing organization and the university.

Art and Steel Collaborations

Corporate and Foundation Relations staff members Lea-Ann Morton and Laura Mabry visited Gerdau Ameristeel in Fort Smith, Arkansas with J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences faculty Bethany Springer and David Gibbs. The group discussed a possible collaboration between the company and the Department of Art for using scrap steel for student projects.

Visitors from the University of Arkansas talk with representatives from Gerdau Ameristeel

Faculty and staff from the U of A visit Gerdau Ameristeel in Fort Smith

Gerdau Ameristeel

Technology + Recruitment

Unique Experience for University of Arkansas Students

The Walmart eCommerce Recruiting Tour made a recent stop on the UA campus as part of their national student recruitment program. “Change the Way the World Shops” is a campus-based, interactive experience where students are given the opportunity, through technology, to engage with the Walmart brand, learn about the company culture, and explore career options. Facilitated by the Corporate and Foundation Relations team, the event attracted students across all disciplines.

Emily Brittain, a senior marketing major in the Sam M. Walton College of Business, was one of many students who explored the on-board technology and experienced the multiple touchscreens that provided information on Walmart, including role-specific challenges that employees face every day. She described her visit as “a great way for students to connect with the corporate world!”

Students attend the Walmart eCommerce Recruiting Tour at the U of A

The Walmart Ecommerce Recruiting Tour Vehicle

Carbon Sequestration, Soil Health and Actionable Intelligence

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations, in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, visited the 3,000-acre McEntire soybean farm in Humphrey, Arkansas, for continued research in carbon sequestration, soil health and actionable intelligence. Additional partners on this project include faculty and researchers from the University, theDivision of Agriculture and the local extension office, and M2 Capital.  It is anticipated that interns and graduate research assistants will be needed in 2018.

A tractor at Glennoe Farms

Stacy Leeds experiences virtual reality